Blog Passions

New Beginnings.....

This will be more than my usual post.  I have always said this space is my journal space not only with my photography journey but also as a way of keeping attuned to my life.  I have always appreciated those who have come here, and we have become good friends over the years not only here but also with me visiting your blogs. I appreciate that.

As we are entering the holiday season and with the fast approaching new year I have decided to take my blog private.  This has been a long time coming for me, and I need this space to be more of a sanctuary with my thought process in my images. 

As of November 1st my blog will no longer be here to view.  I may occasionally put new images into my galleries from time to time which will be visible.

I plan on documenting little details of my everyday life that become a celebration of who I am and I hope you the same always. Just know I thank you for stopping by over the last 12 years of having a public photography blog. We have all grown.

I leave you with this quote "Trust in your creative impulses. Trust in how you see the world around you. Through those things you will find yourself."