Riding the Tube ~ Tower of London ~ Relax

Sure glad we weren't in London when the Tube Strike was taking affect.  Which is what has happened since we left, like a couple of weeks ago and also today.  It was fun riding the tube to get around sure helped with all the walking we did. Can't imagine having to depend on the tube in order to get to and from work and it not being there.  

One of the things that fascinated me was going up and down the escalator. Everyone looks so strange when going up and down.  It was like you were bending over but you weren't.   

I say these people are lost in thought or bored going to work.  

Next stop Tower of London Tour.

inside the Medieval Palace there was this camera built in the side of the wall like one you might see in a bank here in the US.  It shows yourself on camera, of course I had to take a selfie.  Then my daughter took one of me and Carys in front of The London Bridge.  Just to prove I was there.  

Walking along the River Thames. 

Back to walking around and seeing some of the famous streets before heading to the big toy store when we saw the Royals in Legos.

Walking back to the hotel from The Tube and my daughter Alissa sees this! And Carys relaxing back at the hotel and a little Minecraft. 

Next up later will be British Museum of Natural History, such a treasure for this country and couldn't believe it was free. 

Fuji Xt1