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Such a Glorious Museum

When you come up on this Museum The Natural History Museum it is such a treat.  Not only from the outside but also as soon as you step inside. The light is a photographers dream. 

More inside, the second image from the top on the right is petified wood, so huge and gorgeous tones  

I call this one Finding Waldo, me in a couple of images here, can you find me?

Studying the Mineral Displays.

Inside The Vault, 295 natural colored diamonds, yes please. Also the Diamond Encrusted Snuff box was a gift to the King commissioned by the Russian Tsar Alexander II.  The image is of the Tsar, kinda made me laugh sending a picture of himself as a present.  I guess if you are a Tsar you can do that. 

Such beautiful wall decorations everywhere, these among them.