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Found ~ Day 10 ~ Last Day

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes."

~Marcel Proust~

Today is the last day of this class, I am glad in a lot of ways, it was a good class, but I have said so many times I don't do well with prompts.  They are good in one sense but bad in others, a lot of times I find it a good thing to have a word to think about during the day but also seems restrictive to me.  For that reason I didn't read Henry's post this morning except for seeing the word.  I wanted to not be influenced in what he said about the word and put my own thoughts on it.  I went out to our big park here and tried to look around with new eyes as I have been there so many times it sometimes feels like there is nothing new to photograph.  So today I "FOUND" Summer. 

I love finding faces in the rocks at the park, on this next one I see a face in one of the rocks. Gotta have a sense of humor all the time. 


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