Intention ~ Day 5

Today the word is Intentions or Intent.  My Intent for this class is to be aware of my emotions and my intent for my journey with photography.  This is not always easy as I have been known to just snap away and think later.  I imagine this happens to all of us.  While I was on my trip in Europe, I think I said to myself Be In The Moment every day.  It wasn't always easy as we were moving fast and it was hard to slow down but some of the time I was in the moment and photographed with Intention. Here are some of those moments. This is my intent to think before I click. 

See the Light



Just SEE beyond

Also with this class it is important to me to take photos for this class not go back through my files and just put up an image to go with our prompt. So these were taken this morning and were my intent of seeing light. 

Have FUN


Photograph What you LOVE

Fuji Xt1 Fuji 18-135mm, Lensbaby Velvet 56