"Is it beautiful," "Is it delicious," "Does it make you laugh?"

UPDATE For Cheryl:  I did use my new camera Fuji Xt1, loving it so much.  It will be wonderful not to have to carry my Canon on the plane and around town. On the flowers I used the Fuji 60mm Macro + extension and for the still life's I used the Fuji 18-135mm.  

I can't remember where I saw this quote, it might have been from my blogging buddy on Squarespace Cathy Sly. She always makes me laugh and has delicious images. 

This week has been another busy week but I am seeing an end to it and I will be going on vacation in a few weeks so that keeps me going.  I need a vacation.


This is my beauty as I see it with my flowers and delicious with my still life's and laugh because I had a hard time getting this to go on my blog this morning.  I almost was in tears because of problems but I finally said I needed to just laugh at it.