A New Body

I have a very bad back and I just can't use my Canon Mark III with it for very long.  I needed to come up with a solution to the weight since I am going to Europe for 2 weeks this summer.  I wanted a camera that would give me the functions I have with the Canon.  I received my Fuji Xt1, which is a Mirrorless camera that means it has the weight cut more than half of my Canon.  I can use my Canon and Lensbaby lens with an adapter and wanted to try it out on the Lensbaby Edge 80 with micro converters.  These are the first images with that lens, oh my I am so happy.  Super sharp, only a crop in LR and I am good to post.  Also the Fuji has a wealth of lens for this body that are super fast and super sharp.  Thank you Fuji my back thanks you also. 

This tiny camera has all the functions that my Canon does, a learning curve for sure in learning where everything is.  I can shoot in Manual which I am use to and have always done on my Canon call me a Control Freak. I keep telling myself that learning is good even for an old brain like mine.