The Studio ~ Only One ~ Editorial

Which is unusual for me to only post one image but my days are full these days and I am just trying just to keep up.  I loved this prompt so I wanted to play.  I use a Canon 5D Mark III so I don't know if this applies to other makes or not but one of the features I discovered recently was that I could do a Square crop through the Live View.  It will also import into LR that way but on the memory card it will have the 4X5 ratio with an invisible overlay.  That probably didn't make sense at all, easier to show than to write.  If this is something you would like to do I suggest doing my favorite Google method and see if it is comes up.  There is a setting in the Menu that you need to do for this so check it out if you are interested or contact me in the top bar and I will try and help. 

Our Gather Magazine was put together by the lovely Suzanne O"Brian, I would put up a link to her website but I need to figure out how to do a link.  My web host just changed over to all new tools and I haven't researched how to attach here.  Sorry Suzanne you did such an awesome job on this as well as all the photographers at Gather.  You can do another google of her name and I am sure it will come up.  We all submitted 10 images we liked most from Gather and she compiled it and sent to Blurb for publishing.  I received my copy yesterday and what a beautiful memory of my time there. I edited the image and then added kkdarkmood.