Be Still ~ Portrait Still Life

What a fun idea this week in the Be Still class to do a Portrait Still Life.  I can think of the possibilities and why I had never thought of this before I don't know. Leave it to Kim.  The first one I thought of was my Mom so many portrait ideas for her.  She was a creative person in all of her 92 years, she loved to paint, she loved her garden even up in her upper 80's you would find her out with her pick and shovel digging up her flower bed for a new garden year.  I always loved to go back and walk around her yard.  This is just one possibility for a portrait of her life. The plate she painted back in 1959 and the image of her working in her garden when I think I was in high school as I remember taking this picture of her digging in the dirt.  The other image of her when she was young and pregnant with my oldest brother her first born of 7 children of which I am # 7. I would have liked to have know her when she was that age.