Friday Finds ~ Seattle Visit

I had the great pleasure to visit a friend I have known for a couple of years through Shutter Sisters and again here in Phoenix.  I was visiting my son and family in Portland Oregon and they wanted to go to the baseball game in Seattle while I was visiting.  That gave me the opportunity to visit my friend Carol Hart and her husband Brian.  Carol has the most beautiful yard filled with love and art as you will see in this post.  She and Brian put their heart in every inch of the space. Please sit back and enjoy my walk through their garden. 

I could have photographed all week and never gotten all of what was there, but this was enough for this trip as I plan to return as good friends get to do, right Carol?  And we needed to talk and eat and boy did we do that to.  Thanks so much Carol and Brain....

Hope you enjoyed the walk through this special place of Carol and Brian Hart's Yard. So Lovely just like they are.