Texture Tuesday ~ Portland Day 2

I am combining my vacation images, a lot to edit as I am a known picture addict with Texture Tuesday.  I did a couple of my Portland images with Kim's great textures and also some without because every image just doesn't do well with a texture.

I used Just a Touch on the top one, Linear Burn at 52% next one down kk2710 on Multiply at 100%.  The bottom left is with the Lensbaby Sweet 35.


I don't go anywhere without one of my Lensbaby optics, this time I took my Sweet 3

We went to the farmers market one night and these were along the little lake in the neighborhood. The sun was harsh, tried to compensate for the strong shadows.

Just give me some grasses or weeds anytime of the year and I am a happy camper.

And of course the real reason I was there to see these munchkin's Trevor and Brody, they are getting so big each time I see them. Time slips away too fast. They are growing into such handsome guys. 

And a pretty little bouquet from the Farmer's Market.  So many more days to come from my days in Portland and a weekend trip to Seattle.