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Be Still ~ BackLight Version 2

I wanted to redo and practice backlighting for the Be Still class again, I am use to doing backlighting outside so needed the practice inside.  The last time I blew out the background and this time I wanted to keep the background visible.  I had some time this morning to Be Still, must say I love these times, thanks Kim.  I should have been on the treadmill, but I will get there sometime today. 

In LR, I cropped to 4x5, auto, adjusted exposure a bit and contrast, brought down highlights, upped shadows, brought down whites, upped blacks.  Upped Vibrance and lowered Saturation. In Tone Curve added a haze. Added a gradient to overall image. 

Settings Lens Canon 24-105mmL 28mm ISO 1600 SS 1/500 f4