Christmas Card Shoot

A couple of weeks ago I did a photoshoot for my daughter and granddaughter for her Christmas Cards. Showing a few here in b&w conversions that my daughter didn't see, I gave her the color ones as that was what she wanted for their Christmas cards.  

The color one that was chosen is this one. So grown up....sniff sniff. 

She also needed some head shots for her upcoming additions for the next musical play. The one she chose is on the left. 


I am taking the next few weeks leading up to the holidays from blogging, I wanted to wish everyone a wonderful Merry Christmas and New Years.  I am busy thinking about how I want to change things up with my photography. To be true to my initial thought behind my blog here especially with my title "A tool for self discovery", and my about page. More on this in 2015, when I have had time to reflect more on this subject. Thank you for leaving me a lot of love here on my blog in 2014. Again Happy Holidays.