Texture Tuesday ~ A Challenge ~ Be Still

I am combining several things in this post today, first off is Texture Tuesday, from my iPhone, I used Snapseed, and Stackable's apps for these images.  The images are from a challenge that  Carol Hart and I decided to do together, the challenge was to photograph a squash and use the same tea towel we both bought from the shop Pedals and Pop at Gather.  I also did this past weeks lesson from Be Still to combine all of these challenges.  First up are my iPhone images. 

With the stackable app you can use textures which I did on the above two.  The plate I got at the Long Beach Flea Market, Carol Hart and I went to after Gather. So fun, I told Carol I was looking for this type of plate and she spotted it for me.  As Carol said "Total Score". 

Next are my images from the challenge that Carol and I decided to do together must include a  squash and the polkadot tea towel we both purchased without the other knowing. You know Great Minds think alike!  Also the Be Still challenge this past week, From Above, Square, Two Sides. 

Be sure and check out Carol's blog  Openhart for her results on the Squash Challenge and Tea Towel challenge.