Friday Finds ~ Let Us Gather

A week ago today I had the wonderful opportunity to attend Gather in Long Beach Ca.  I started my journey there on Thursday the day before.

After checking into the hotel I headed out to the beach and saw this couple soaking in their time together on the beach.  Then I saw this when I looked in the other direction.

That night I met up with Diana Foster who was staying at the same hotel as I was and we had dinner together.  It was her birthday so we shared Mexican Food, talked and talked until we were so tired from our adventure of getting to this place called Paradise. We agreed  to meet the next morning for breakfast before walking over to the "House".  And oh what a house it was, so grand so wonderful and in it were two sweet lovely ladies who would be leading our way for the next 2 1/2 days, Kim Klassen and Xanthe Berkley.

Looking out of one of the windows that morning waiting for everyone to arrive.  

Third floor window.

We gathered upstairs on the third floor to hear some House Rules and what our day was going to be like from this pretty gal. 

We went about the house taking still life images of pretty set ups in the house.

We then went for a little walk around the area, taking some portraits and beach shots. 

Next was a beautiful Tuscany style lunch prepared and served by Myriam and Alisha. Then back inside for some more still life work and learning from Kim and Xanthe.

Selfie showing me some Love. Next before heading out to dinner together we headed to the beach for a gorgeous sunset.


Gather Day 2 coming soon.