s2f3 Catching Up ~ Chair ~ Shooting Wide

After being in Oregon for a week I have missed some of what has been happening on s2f3. Haven't said lately how much I love this course but it is true, seems there is always something new to learn and Kim's presets to try. First off is a chair prompt, decided to do a tighter crop on my saved pomegranate, which I put in the refrigerator while I was gone. They still look good and was happy about that. 

Day 8, On this one I used kkrumpled preset which I loved the way it made the pomegranate look. Awesome in my opinion.

This assignment was Day 12 in Shooting Wider, which isn't really a lot wider but I did like how it came out on my windowsill. What I love about these images are the lovely shadows giving the mood of Autumn.  I used her new preset kkfilm-ish