Friday Finds

It started off on Sunday while I was at my sink looking out at my backyard when I saw Papa Quail go by and then a trail of little somethings run fast behind.  I knew right away what it was so I ran to the window with camera.

I had a nest of quail eggs in this pot and I have been waiting for them to hatch and on Sunday it happened: Mama Quail kicks babies out right away and it was a long way down as the pot is more than 2 ft off the ground.

This is what I saw:

Then this:

Then a bunch of this:  The next morning I saw them out in my front yard so they were off into the world and I can't help but worry about them as they are so little but quail do really seem to take really good care of they young and stay with them and protect for for a long time.  That I really like about quail.

Also in our Country Club there was an Owl that had a nest right next to the clubhouse and golf carts in a huge pot much like the one I have that had laid a couple of eggs.  Two were born, but one fell out and no one knows what happened to it and only one survived.  I didn't get up there soon enough to get a picture before it left the nest but I did get a couple of either the Mom or Dad not sure which hanging around near by so baby must be close.

And finally over at my daughters her yuccas were in bloom after 10 years.  The yucca is a beautiful plant but after it blooms it dies but before it does it really puts on this gorgeous big show.

That was my week: Thanks for stopping by.