App Wednesday ~ Snapseed ~ Mixtures ~ Rhonna ~ Vintique

I had a play with my bargain spray roses this week and hopefully I can remember all the things I did.  I am bad about that but I am trying to get better.

Starting image in natural light with native camera iPhone.

 Took into Snapseed, cropped out the white rose on top right, added saturation, then vignette to the edges.  Next in Snapseed did a Tilt Shilt to add a blur to make the one up front rose stand out. Saved to Camera Roll.

This is where I took into Mixtures to add a texture and also a tone to the image. Saved to Camera Roll.

Finally took into the Rhonna App for some word art at the bottom. Saved to Camera Roll.

Now since I have a hard time stopping with just one play I had one more play on this one by using the Vintique App and changing the tone again and adding another texture.

While the original is fine in my eyes with just a little bit of toning, it is always fun to play with your images.  It gives you the spark for seeing creatively and just seeing something different that you might not have conceived before.